NFS G1000 Standard Edition For X-Plane 11
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Product Introduction

The NFS G1000 simulation software was designed to be a virtual representation of the real Garmin G1000 units. The code architecture of the NFS G1000 software was built from scratch and structured to allow eventual compatibility with all major flight simulation platforms (P3D, XPlane, MS2020). The software was organized with each Garmin Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) individually simulated to mimic the real-life avionics boxes. This allows us to simulate failures realistically as they would present themselves in the real airplane. When searching for a glass cockpit simulator solution at home, we understand that providing the most up to date G1000 simulator is of utmost importance. At Noble Flight Simulation, we are committed to simulating real features found in real airplanes.

The NFS G1000 simulation software is written in an open-source, cross-platform environment which allows maximum flexibility among computer operating systems. It was built using lightweight vector graphics whenever possible to reduce processor load during animations. While most G1000 simulation programs run best on a separate networked PC due to very high CPU burden, the NFS G1000 simulation software runs incredibly lean and can easily and efficiently be run on the flight simulator PC, obviating the need for a complex network based setup.

More and more the FAA is supporting the use of technology to reduce the cost of flight training and is putting an emphasis on maintaining proficiency. At NFS we believe that supplying a simple solution which doesn’t require end user configuration will be a welcome relief. We take pride in solving the frustration of software configuration that has led many to abandon the idea of setting up a home simulator. With the NFS G1000 software simulator, it works immediately after installation. NO FUSS!


Laminar Research's XPlane11 


Compatible Airframes

XPlane 11's Cessna 172

More airframes will be added as we continue to expand our product offerings.

**This product is not affiliated with nor is it endorsed by Garmin International.**


Production Description

The NFS G1000 Standard edition simulation software comes with the PFD and MFD displays enclosed in a high-quality graphical bezel. The user interacts with the software by clicking the graphical buttons and knobs with the use of a computer mouse. This software version is designed for customers who do not wish to use external hardware and thus cannot be controlled except with the computer mouse.


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