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NFS Software Version 1.2.5 Released



Basic / Anniversary

Version 1.2.5 Changelog

July 24, 2020

*Note: XPlane11 users, please make sure you re-install the plugin win.xpl file into the X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins directory. Please follow the instructions in the Help -> Plugin for XP11 by exposing windowed mode (double-clicking either the PFD or MFD main screen)

New features

  • Support for joystick configuration of AP button under Options menu
  • FD Pitch and Bank active without AP on
  • Realistic AP mode setting and switching. You can set the lateral/vertical mode in advance of turning the AP on
  • AP pitch autotrim enabled. This allows multiple aircraft models to be compatible. We’ve tested with Carenado SR22T, Hold My Beer SR22T, vFlyteAir SR20. (Note: certain aircraft makers have non-standard power percent models. This unfortunately affects how it is displayed on our software). Please let us know if a certain model is not performing up to snuff. It’s pretty hard to test every single one out there but with your feedback, we can support better.
  • More alert sounds (i.e. Stall, 600 ft climb out call)
  • Audio Panel software for the G1000 version with working COM1 and COM2, NAV1 and NAV2

Bug fixes

  • New bezel for Cirrus Perspective version to include software Display Backup button
  • Fixed issue with Reversionary Mode on G6 units
  • Improvements for AP and AP LEDs (Tighter capture and tolerances)
  • Fixed auto fullscreen problem for some cases like 4k screens
  • Fixed aircraft jumpiness within XPlane when zoomed in
  • Fixed GCU keyboard entry for Direct To to capture first button press
  • Fixed MFD button array disappearing (Thanks to The Ren Baron!)

Documentation (still being updated regularly)

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