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NFS Software Version 1.2.3 Released



Basic / Anniversary

Version 1.2.3 Change Log

June 7, 2020

  • Updated autopilot to better simulate the GFC 700 and GFC 705 functions
  • Armed modes now usable
  • ROL, HDG, NAV, LVL, YD, PIT, ALT, VS, IAS/FLC, APR modes are all implemented
  • Added sounds (AP disconnect, 200 ft to go chime, altitude deviation warning)
  • Fixed RNAV approaches sometimes not showing glide path
  • Fixed cursor blink issue in FPL
  • For CP software, set default GCU is the G6 upon loading
  • Minor UI adjustments

We are very excited for this update as we have disconnected from the flight simulation software’s implementation of the autopilot controller. The above modes are active and ready for use while we continue to develop the VNAV and hold entries portion of the controller. These modes require interaction with the UI which makes the development process slightly different.

Additionally, we have added sounds and chimes to the project. The aural cues are one of the most important feedback the avionics suite can provide a pilot. We will continue to add sounds to the project going forward. Please contact us with requests so we can prioritize the implementation.

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