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NFS Software Version 1.3.3 Released



Basic / Anniversary

August 8, 2021

*Note: XPlane11 users, please make sure you re-install the plugin win.xpl file into the X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins directory. Please follow the instructions in the Help -> Plugin for XP11 by exposing windowed mode (double-clicking either the PFD or MFD main screen).

This step is mandatory!

New features:

ALT1, ALT2, ALT1 and ALT2 failures
Airspeed, Altitude, AHRS failures
GP/GS box shows up when FAF is the next waypoint
AP disconnect from side stick removes FD as well.
TOGA button engages on ground for TO TO and FD 7.5 deg nose up

Bug fixes:

AP disconnect won’t turn on AP again
GP shows up on final approach again
Approach procedures show up at the end of the FPL sequence instead of before final destination
MSFS no longer crashes on startup in some instances
MSFS reference airspeed adjustments

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