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NFS Software Version 1.3.2 Released



Basic / Anniversary

June 22, 2021

*Note: XPlane11 users, please make sure you re-install the plugin win.xpl file into the X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins directory. Please follow the instructions in the Help -> Plugin for XP11 by exposing windowed mode (double-clicking either the PFD or MFD main screen).

This step is mandatory!

New features:

Number keypad entry for Baro Min in PROC
Startup MFD screen
MFD fuel totalizer
White dashed line from center of HSI to GPS track magenta diamond
Support for multiple specfic airframes implemented (separate autopilot gains, gauges, and Vref speeds)
Networked PC support for XPlane and P3D. Please follow the instructions in our FAQ section

Bug fixes:

Fuel gauge scaling fixed for each airframe. Fixed
MM and IM labels on the PFD showing at the same time. Fixed
Approach waypoints shows at the end of the FPL list. Fixed
Navigation ILS frequency and final approach course may be incorrect when loading approaches. Fixed
Program crashes when removing FPL. Fixed

Many of these updates were a direct result from the great feedback we received at the CPPP event in Melbourne, FL. We will continue to update our software with the terrific input of our partners and friends. Thank you for your continued support!

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