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Basic / Anniversary

Version 1.3.0 Changelog

February 4, 2021

*Note: XPlane11 users, please make sure you re-install the plugin win.xpl file into the X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins directory. Please follow the instructions in the Help -> Plugin for XP11 by exposing windowed mode (double-clicking either the PFD or MFD main screen).

This step is mandatory!

New features:

  • New elevator trim and flaps indicator
  • Transponder modes now working with XPlane avionics (PilotEdge)
  • OM, MM, IM sounds and lights working
  • Marker Mute button active
  • GPS approaches now factor in threshold crossing height instead of flying to threshold at 0 AGL
  • Select Approach now allows user to choose airport instead of automatically taking it from FPL only.  This allows “Direct To” in order to choose approaches.
  • Flight Director works better in ALT and PIT modes.  Will actually progressively move up and down
  • Lateral autopilot turns based on true airspeed, and will maintain standard rate turns
  • Long press of the swap button on the GCU sets COM to 121.5 (emergency frequency)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed runway symbol for airport on the map
  • Fixed course drawing on the map would sometimes not update
  • Fixed FPL update problem when replaced by a new approach
  • Fixed syncing problems (CDI mode of P3D and MSFS) when restarting or on initial start-up of software
  • Fixed comm frequency issues in MSFS2020
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