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NFS Software Version 1.2.1 Released



Basic / Anniversary

May 3, 2020

Version 1.2.1 Change Log

  1. Audio Panel COM MIC buttons working with P3D. (PilotEdge)

  2. Autopilot LED lights

  3. Audio Panel LED lights

  4. Fixed Flight Plan bug for Direct To navigation

  5. G6 Center Console compatibility. (COM is default multi-function mode)

  6. All degree values show 360 deg instead of 000 deg now

  7. Minor UI changes for the Cirrus Perspective bezel in windowed mode


  1. Please uninstall the old program using Control Panel -> Uninstall Programs. The new build will not overwrite any previous versions. Go to and log in under your account. On the upper right under the accounts icon, click “My Order”


  1. WinUSB drivers is required for full compatibility with LED lights and dimmable backlighting. Please ensure WinUSB drivers are downloaded and installed for the hardware. The WinUSB utility can be found here:

    Upon opening, please right locate:

     Vendor 16C0,  Device 0486,  Interface 00

    Right-click the correct device and select “install WinUSB” (You may get a warning about installing an unsigned driver. Please go ahead and install.)

    Once the device changes to say:

     “USB Input Device (WinUSB),” 
     The driver installation is complete.

    you can close the application.


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